What and how i teach is where
the difference lies. i only ask for
your commitment and dedication.
i¹m excited to take your voice
to another level!

2nd Annual Recital - Oct. 30,2011
Edna's Ichiban Library

LESSONS: monday thru saturday | 2pm until 6pm

Ms.Miriam is the best singing teacher!! She has helped me become the best performer I can be! She has taught me many techniques in singing properly. For all kids who want to pursue in becoming a singer, Ms.Miriam is the next step to take to make that come true!


I started singing when I was four people said that my voice was great.When I took voice lessons my voice improved a lot.I have more confidence in myself. I love to take voice lessons!


I LOVE doing voice lessons with Miriam!! I remember when I had my first lessons with Miriam... I thought I wasn't good enough then her other students. But Miriam helping me, I believed in myself and always thought positive. Like Miriam told me, think positive on you and your voice because the audience will have a positive review on you:) voice lessons is a great experience. With the support of my teacher it makes me an incredible and better singer!


I always wanted to be a singer, but I couldn't do it without the help of my voice teacher Miriam Pantig. My friends always said " You have a great voice" but I knew I wasn't good enough to be you know " The next American Idol and stuff." But with Teacher Miriam's help, I know I can have that chance to live my dream!


Before I started voice lessons, I used to be shy to sing in front of people, but not anymore. I got used to it, and now i always feel happy when I sing. I am excited whenever I go to my voice lesson because I always have fun being with my voice teacher Miriam Pantig. She teaches me how to sing properly with techniques such as the head tone and chest voice. She is the best voice teacher I have ever had. I love my voice teacher!

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