To all you aspiring singers,
whatever your limitations are...
Your life is about to change!

1st Annual Recital - Sept. 19,2010
Edna's Ichiban Library

LESSONS: monday thru saturday | 2pm until 6pm

I've learned so much from my experience with the lessons so far. Coming into the lessons I wasn't even using the right techniques when i sang, but I came to learn more and more, and my throat began to be more and more relaxed after every lesson. Overall I am incredibly happy with where I am at, and I look forward to improving with every lesson.


I learned a lot from taking voice lessons with my mom and it really helped me improve my singing! Before, I would just sing and not really know how to utilize the proper techniques that should be used every time you sing. I actually didn’t even know that there was a “technique”; I thought that singing is just plain singing. After taking a few lessons and applying what I learned, not only did I hear the difference, but other people also heard the improvement as well! People who have heard me sing when I just first started and haven't heard me sing in a while are surprised by the big improvement I made after applying what I learned from my mom. For those who are interested in improving their vocal craft, these lessons are worth it!


Miriam Pantig Bonus is one of the best voice teachers in the San Francisco bay area. She is not only a good teacher but Miriam is also a great singer herself. I was finally able to sing without hurting my throat. She taught me how to sing properly. Now I can breathe well while singing because she taught me the technique of correct breathing while singing. Now i have the confidence of singing in my family and friends karaoke parties. Who knows I may become a recording artist someday.


Thank you so much. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for the musical efforts (training) you provided me. You developed tremendously the little talent that I have for singing. I never thought I could sing a lot better. More grace and power to you and may all your students sing their way to success.


I just recently started voice lessons with Miriam so far I've learned a lot already. I used to sing using my Nasal, she taught me proper techniques on how to breathe properly and not use the nasal. She's also teaching me how sing more relaxed. I'm happy that my mom chose Miriam to be my voice teacher, not only I'm learning a lot of techniques I also enjoy taking lessons with her.


We met Ms. Miriam Pantig through word of mouth and she was highly recommended. My daughter Hannah is 6 years old and when she first met Ms. Pantig, she felt comfortable with her already. She is always excited when she has voice lesson and she is enjoying her breathing exercises, stretching/exercises before singing to relax her muscles, and of course she finds her voice/singing techniques very fun, interesting and helpful in improving her voice/singing. Ms. Pantig is gifted with beautiful voice, experienced and professional singer and voice teacher, approachable, and works well with adults and kids. I would highly recommend Ms. Miriam Pantig.


miriam pantig's new students
To cancel or reschedule an
existing lesson, you must call
at least 24 hours before or
you¹ll be charged for the
missed session in full. You are
expected to arrive on time for
your scheduled lesson. Extra
time cannot be added for
late arrivals.
i teach the basic fundamentals of singing which includes breathing, voice placement,
pitch control, vocal strength, vocal range extension and dynamics, diction and song