Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Miriam Pantig, only daughter and eldest of three, started singing at the tender age of 17. Her parents, _Romeo & Leticia proclaim that Miriam was "pitch perfect before she was even three years old!" Recognizing that they had a "superstar" on their hands, Miriam was entered into amateur singing contests all throughout Metro Manila eversince she was 7, until one day, she found herself auditioning and competing in a popular noontime TV show during the late 70's & 80's. Miriam blew away her audience with her stunning stage presence and walked away with the title as Grand Champion! It was because of that monumental day, that Miriam's life changed...forever..

Miriam embraced her gift of singing and has entertained and performed professionally for the last 30 years. She's traveled throughout numerous countries, such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and several cities in the United States.


Experiences | Credentials
Ms. Philippines Pageant 1980, Ms. Talent
Played acting roles in movies:
"Cuatro Y Media" with Nino Mulach
"Sugatang Puso" with Lorna Tolentino & Christopher deLeon
"I Will Always Love You" with Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin
Finalist in the “Metro Manila Popular Music Festival”
Vagina Monologue", Tagalog version in San Francisco
Performed concerts in Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and in several cities in the United States

To this day, Miriam is recognized as an International star and is rightfully famed by her fans and colleagues as the "Timeless Diva".

Cecil Azarcon, prestigious and famous song-writer of the Philippines, was not only my voice teacher, but my mentor and one of, if not my biggest inspirations in becoming a voice teacher. Combined with what I learned from Ms. Cecil Azarcon and my vast array of live performances and personal onstage experiences, I feel that what I have to offer through my voice lessons gives me an edge in guiding prospective singers to better prepare for auditions, stage performances or just become a better singer/performer altogether.

Whatever your personal ambition may be, my goal is to guide and educate you on proper techniques of singing and performing, which will enable you to sing all types of music!

You'll find our private lessons to be fun and affordable. Best of all, you don't have to be a rock star to get started. all you need is a little motivation, a positive outlook, and a passion for music. Beginners are welcome! I love helping my students achieve their goals. Sure, we all have musical influences, but of course we want the listener to remember our own unique sound. Sooner or later, most singers want to come out of the lessons and practice sessions to try out their talents in front of an audience. The first performance may only be to family and friends, at a party, karaoke night or other low key event but for those who seek a professional or working career as a vocalist, the ability to capture and hold an audience should be part of the ever ongoing training process. "It¹s about unlocking your potential in order to maximize your performance".